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VICTORY CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL is ONE CHURCH in MULTIPLE LOCATIONS in various states. Click here to see the calendar of what's happening at our local Suitland Campus.  The very heartbeat of our ministry is the COMMUNITY. Here, you'll find information on events taking place at our campus and VCMI wide, where all of our campuses come together as ONE. To stay up-to-date on what's happening at each location, connect with us on Social Media. Visit each campus page for links and details.

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Virtuous Women Trip To Sight & Sound Theater

November 3rd 2018

Ladies, Get ready.  Join Pastor Cynthia Brazelton for a trip to Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA  to see the stage play JESUS.  Saturday, November 3rd, 2018.  The cost is $110.00 per person. The price includes your ticket to the play and transportation.  Reserve your seat now. Seats are going fast.  Don't delay.

Pastor's Wives and Leading Ladies Gathering

August 2nd - August 4th, 2018

The ​Pastors’ ​Wives ​and ​Leading ​Ladies’ ​Gathering ​is ​a ​3 ​day/2 ​night ​event ​open ​to ​all ​Leading ​Ladies ​and ​the ​wives ​of ​all ​Leading ​Men ​including ​all ​Female ​Pastors, ​First ​Ladies, ​Pastors’ ​Wives, ​Elders, ​Ministers, ​Associate ​Pastors, ​Reverends, ​etc. ​ ​This ​Gathering ​also ​includes ​Workshops ​for ​your ​Armor ​Bearers, ​Personal ​Assistants, ​and ​Adjutants ​etc. ​We ​are ​excited ​about ​this ​power ​packed ​event ​which ​includes ​morning ​General ​Sessions, ​Workshops ​Panel, ​Discussions, ​nightly ​General ​Sessions ​(for ​both ​men ​and ​women), ​and ​a ​special ​Senior ​Pastors’ ​Session ​( ​for ​men ​only) ​with ​Apostle ​Tony ​Brazelton, ​and ​a ​dynamic ​Brunch ​Session ​for ​Female ​Pastors ​and ​Pastors’ ​Wives ​with ​Dr. ​Marilyn ​Hickey. ​

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